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Co-Create Future Vehicles and Transportation

  • Ontario Science Centre 770 Don Mills Road North York, ON, M3C 1T3 Canada (map)

Why learn about Future Vehicles and Interactions?

Imagine if your car could tell the car in front of you just what you think of its driving? Imagine if you could order pizza to be delivered to you while you are stuck in traffic. Imagine if your car’s windshield could act as a tour guide pointing out special places of interest as you ride by? In the future we will use our smartphones, wearables and vehicle-to-vehicle communication to create new interactions while in transit.

Drop-in Info:

Throughout the day we will explore how people can interact with future vehicles. We will look at how devices, wearables, garments or accessories can communicate with their future vehicle. You, the participant, decide what is the right shape and size of device and wearable suitable for someone based on scenarios we explore together. To guide the activity we will use our KitDevices, KitWearables and Kit Transportation kits - design worksheets, paper/cardboard device and wearable templates. The worksheets include a step-by-step or purely exploratory approach depending on how participants learn or want to create.

During the session, you’ll learn the following

  • Learn more about Daily Goods Design LABS’ human-centred, design-thinking approach and how to apply it to create innovative designs

  • Understand the role you can play during the design process while being encouraged to try multiple approaches to the same problem

  • Define how future vehicles can interact and connect with future devices, wearables and other vehicles, through scenarios you imagine

  • Explore the various uses of devices and wearables in relation to future vehicles, plus when, where and why people use these in the first place 

  • How to prototype a design using paper and cardboard templates. Personalise and customize your own designs according to the want-and-need scenarios you’ve imagined

Who is it for?

  • Suitable for young and old - a variety of templates and learning approaches are available

  • People who want to learn more about DGDL’s specialized design process and the designer’s role within it

  • Those wanting to learn more about interactions with automated vehicles and digital/wearable devices 


  • An opportunity for people to co-create with DGDL and generate scenarios and products 

  • Learn how to enable, inspire and improve the people’s environments, travel, communications, behaviours and functions using devices and wearables in relation to future vehicles

  • Investigate how devices and wearables communicate with connected and autonomous vehicles (C/AVs) to help us make more informed decisions when driving/being transported by them

  • Understand C/AV scenarios for safer, faster and more efficient transportation, while also reducing congestion or adding functions using tech-to-tech communications to influence, control and improve systems/human experiences

  • Create a paper and card prototype that you can test and share with others for feedback and (should you decide to continue) develop further in future design sessions

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