DGDL uses a ‘design-thinking, human-centered’ approach to create innovative solutions. From the start, we establish a shared language and buy-in amongst your team and community to foster collaboration and a culture of innovation. Our multidisciplinary approach means everyone has a role to play and encourages multiple ways to approach the same problem.



DGDL brings our ‘human-centered’ design process to clients - creating products, services, and experiences that focus on what people value, desire and expect. We incorporate new and existing technology based on the value it provides.

Research and Development

  • Research

  • Efficiency Studies

  • Innovation Process

  • Product Development


  • Lab Pop-ups

  • Events

  • Speaking Engagements


DGDL creates our own human-focused wearables, garments and accessories to improve everyday tasks based on the tools and technology that people wear and carry on a daily basis. We apply the same process and methodology in our own practice, as with our clients.

DGDL x Client

  • Product Co-creation

  • Collaboration

Iteration (with end user)

  • Prototyping

  • Material Exploration


DGDL believes everyone can take an active role to make change and impact with design. We share our knowledge and expertise by building and running workshops, events and experiences that everyone can participate in.  Our Create Your Own Future Kits inspire and teach kids, youth and women how to innovate while creating future scenarios.

Workshops and Design Kits

  • MakeCreateInnovate Workshops

  • Staff Design Thinking Workshops

  • DGDL Kits

Learning Programmes

  • Knowledge Transfer for Academia

  • Workshops for Galleries and Schools


CLIENTS and partners

List of our valued partners.