We believe in the power of collaboration and community. We strive to empower those that want to integrate new and existing technology such as AR, VR and AI based on changing values, desires and expectations, rather than only technology.

Our Mission:

  • Make impact through design and collaboration with others

  • Educate, inspire and enable others through design and technology

  • Build an inclusive community, create opportunities for youth and women


Empowering with technology through education

March 2019, date TBD

IoT, robotics, AR, VR and AI and how to design according to the value that each provides.

Designing products and experiences for women

April 2019, date TBD

How can we use the power of design to help create confidence, connectivity and more accessible products?

Storytelling from a female consumers point of view

June 2019, date TBD

The importance of tone of voice, community and word of mouth in social media.