‘Finesse’ - a UI and UX for augmented reality dance

4_Industrial Designer Farzad Sadeghli.jpg

‘Finesse’ a UI and UX for augmented reality dance presented by Farzad Sadeghli and team at our ‘Make, Create and Innovate’ pop up at the Tech Art Fair, Ontario Science Centre.

So for starters, can you tell me a bit about yourself and what you designed?

My name is Farzad Sadeghli and my partner and I designed a UI and Ux for augmented reality dance. The application is called Finesse.

Who are you designing for and what is the intention of your project?

The demographic that we’re targeting is semi-casual to semi-pro dancers who want to fix their routines and stay on top of their exercise.

Was there anything specific that inspired you?

I am constantly around dancers. I’m not a dancer myself, but a lot of my friends are musical. My partner is a dancer and choreographer. We were assigned to build a project around music, and we thought that the most fundamental thing after music that is still connected to it is dance. 

Could you tell me your initial impressions on this event?

It made me smile! It was really nice to see a lot of younger audience very interested in tech and art.

What is something that never fails to make you laugh?

Kids and dogs!

Is there an object from your childhood that means a lot and you still keep around?

This is a very strange story, but I had a Scandinavian city set. There were little toys and a block of grass, and it was shaped like a triangle. It was a pavillion triangle and I’ve kept it since I was three. The texture, the shape...it was always very cool to me so I’ve kept it around.

If you were going to write an autobiography of your life leading to this very moment, what would the title of it be?

Oops! I try to see things in a positive way and always end up in a positive place and positive events happen. 

What is one thing that you’ve learned the hard way?

Time management. It’s a big issue when it comes to work that is project based- time management and allocating resources.

When was the last time you pulled an all nighter?

Frequently! I’m a university student, so last week.

What is your favorite way to de-stress?

I play Hans Zimmer soundtracks and take time to not think about the problems I’m having or things going on in my mind. I put ten, fifteen minutes aside to listen to music with no vocals and just let myself de-stress.

What is the last song you listened to?

It is Ramin Djawadi, who is a composer for HBO. He did a cover of Kanye West’s Runaway. It is haunting and horrifyingly beautiful. I recommend it to everybody.

How long would you survive without your phone?

I think I can make it. Even right now, I don’t have my phone on me because it’s on display. I was this weird trust in the public with my phone. I’m really not attached to it. It’s not for emails and keeping in touch with my family. I’m not really big on social media.