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Partner Spotlight: Ontario Science Centre

Daily Goods Design LABS (DGDL) sat down with the Science Centre’s Kevin Von Appen (KVA), Director of Science Communication, and Lorrie Ann Smith (LAS), Director of Education, to learn more about the Centre’s 50th Anniversary events, to discuss DGDL’s Inventorium 2.0 collaboration, and much, much more…

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DGDL Future Devices Drop-in Pilots Wearables at TechArtFair 2019

A phone is not a phone without a buddy. So, Daily Goods Design LABS (DGDL) decided to pilot three new ‘Wearables’ at TechArtFair 2019, pairing them with the ‘Devices’ drop-in we have been running over the last month at the Ontario Science Centre. These allowed participants to create richer, more fun, scenarios as they collaborated with parents and friends to imagine how their device or wearable would interact in the future.

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DGDL celebrates Women and Girls in Science Day 2019

As we celebrate the amazing achievements of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths - this 4th Annual Women and Girls in Science Day [WAGISD] - it is more urgent than ever that we support and inspire young women to pursue careers in these areas. What better time to get girls engaged in STEAM [the ‘A’ stands for Arts/Design related to these industries], by helping to build their confidence in the skills these careers require as well as encouraging their entrepreneurial and creative thinking.

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