DGDL celebrates Women and Girls in Science Day 2019


According to the United Nations, as the fourth industrial revolution starts, women still have less than two-thirds of the economic opportunity that men have and, more importantly, “women stand to gain only one new STEM job for every 20 lost in stark contrast to men, who gain one new STEM job for every four lost.” Furthermore, “while more girls are attending school than before, girls are significantly under-represented in STEM subjects … and they appear to lose interest in STEM subjects as they reach adolescence.” 


As we celebrate the amazing achievements of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths - this 4th Annual Women and Girls in Science Day [WAGISD] - it is more urgent than ever that we support and inspire young women to pursue careers in these areas. What better time to get girls engaged in STEAM [the ‘A’ stands for Arts/Design related to these industries], by helping to build their confidence in the skills these careers require as well as encouraging their entrepreneurial and creative thinking.

This past week, a variety of STEAM events were hosted in the lead up to #WomenInScienceDay…
The Gerstein Science Information Centre at UofT hosted a ‘Wikipedia edit-a-thon’ to upload bios of inspirational Canadian STEM women; the Ontario Science Centre held Q&As with ‘real-life role models’ for girls interested in STEAM careers; and today, science-focused organizations and government agencies are hosting STEM events for females around this year’s WAGSID theme of ”For Inclusive Green Growth”.

Inclusivity. Environmental Sustainability. Empowering Youth. Here at Daily Goods Design LABS (DGDL) these are all fundamental parts of our mission, which we drive through our educational workshops year-round. We help children and youth to identify personal strengths and skills used in STEAM careers by providing them opportunities to co-create with us, like in the workshops we are currently running at the Inventorium 2.0 exhibition, Toronto. Since it opened a fortnight ago, girls of all ages have been generating ideas for future devices. In this process of collaboration, prototyping and talking through their concepts, they are gaining confidence that their ideas will help make their world a bit better – along with valuable skills for their pursuit of a future STEAM career. We hope you and the young women in your lives, will join us over the next months as we explore wearable tech and devices, autonomous and connected vehicles, and modular garments. We look forward to meeting our future inventors!

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