International Women's Day: Fearless Design and Prototyping Workshop - a collaboration with Erica Tiberia and Adriana Ieraci of Get Your Bot On

Erica Tiberia

Renn Scott Daily Goods Design LABS

Adriana Ieraci Get Your Bot On


Wednesday, March 8, 2017 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

To celebrate the creativity and the ingenuity of women, on International Women's Day we partnered with Erica Tiberia, Adriana Ieraci from Get Your Bot On to create a Fearless Design and Technology Prototyping workshop. This session was designed to provide participants with the basics of programming with physical components while also learning how to create products especially for women.

An amazing evening of fun, making, collaboration and creative exploration! The event provided an opportunity for beginner or expert participants to network, to understand what women value, and what’s important to them when it comes to apps, products and services.

The low-down: Renn Scott;  Founder of Daily Goods Design  LABS introduced some female focused best practices and a how-to approach inspired by research and insights gained from interviewing and collaborating with women. A design thinking methodology was presented to help participants creatively explore their ideas

Adriana Ieraci; Get your Bot On guided the design process and basic design techniques were shared to help participants begin to creatively explore and articulate ideas. Working in groups, participants applied the design principles they learned to conceive of new product ideas that met the needs of women in new and unique ways.

Erica Tiberia then guiding the participants through a tutorial where they created and programmed a working prototype using the Arduino platform, sensors and actuators. Electronic components like buttons, light and touch sensors, motors, buzzers and lights were supplied. Erica guided participants through basic programming in the Arduino programming environment and work on a team, creating a physical prototype with everyday craft materials.

The results were: