DGDL Exclusive Event: Women that make, create and innovate - part of TODO (Toronto Design Offsite Festival)

Jan 17, 2017
Part of the ToDo (Toronto Design Offsite Festival)

The first of a series, Daily Goods Design LABS POP-UP 1 featured women that are changing the landscape of design through creative uses of materials and technology. The presentations focused on how to design for the other ½ of consumers — yes, that’s right, designs for women!

The audience consisted of female designers, fashionistas, and technology experts which came together to imagine, make and create the future of clothing, accessories, and product concepts for women.

Daily Goods Design LABS Founder Renn Scott kicked off the event with a  presentation of female focused trends and insights followed by four talks from 4 women focusing in the areas of design, making, innovation in engineering and technology.

The event wrapped up with a meet-and-greet where the presenters along with any of their team members - designers and engineers present shared their work with the audience.

The Presenters that collaborated with us on this event:

Mary Chong Strategic Thinker, Social Entrepreneur and Mentor

Founder, VP of Operations and Voice of Customer; Revelo Electric. A design and technology innovation company focused on clean efficient electric transportation. Revelo develops beautifully designed and inventive products that free customers to enjoy their commute, and travel wherever and whenever they want, without compromising ride quality and safety.

@ReveloElectric www.revelo.ca

Adriana Ieraci – Innovator and Educator

Founder; Conveyor Built; Design and Innovation Skills Workshops. Teams build prototypes of their connected device ideas using open source electronics or work through design exercises to build their innovation capacity.

Co-Founder; Get Your Bot On! A community of roboticists and hobbyists hosting regular meetups, workshops and events. Join us for our Women in Robotics series.

Co-Lecture, University of Toronto, Design and Entrepreneurship

@adrianai founder of ‪@ConveyorBuilt and ‪@GetYourBotOn

Theresa Maguire – Strategic, Business and Creative Leader

Partner; Kate + Chase; Up-cycled women's bags designed and made here in Toronto. Beautifully crafted with sustainable materials supporting our local community.

@kateandchase  www.kate+chase.com

Erika Iserhoff – Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Arts Producer, Administrator & Fundraiser, along with being a Researcher of Indigenous Culture

Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director; Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator. An incubator which fosters the artistic creation and exhibition of new works by Indigenous artists working in fashion, textiles and crafts.

Artistic Producer; Native Women in the Arts and a member of the Chocolate Woman Collective

@setsuneinc‪ http://setsuneincubator.com
@infoNWIA http://www.nwia.ca




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